Mobotix IP Cameras

Video monitoring is a key element of a businesses security and IP Camera's have significant benefits

Mobotix has been providing leading IP Camera Technology since 1999.  Unlike most other systems, the Mobotix cameras are high-speed computers with no moving parts – meaning they are robust and reliable. 

  • Long term flash memory cards are built into all cameras ensuring you can record for several days
  • Each camera can provide 360 degrees cover
  • No loss of data due to network failure
  • Top quality resolution
  • All cameras are IP66 certified, and can cope in extreme conditions
  • Only reports on true movement which reduces false alarms
  • No additional licence frees
  • Free video management software, and free updates
  • Free App allowing for worldwide coverage

Indoor cameras:

Mobotix C26 Indoor 360 degrees – well suited to retail. Can store customer movements in heat map

Mobotix i26 Indoor 180 degrees – in wall or on wall can deliver view of entire event

Mobotix V26 Indoor Dome – available with 6 different lenses, microphone & speaker, and vandalism protection an option

Mobotix P26 Indoor PT – Tilt-able with super wide-angle lenses. Good for corners

Outdoor cameras:

Mobotix M16 All Round Dual – colour in day, B&W at night

Mobotix D16 Dual Dome – lenses can be positioned independently of each other

Mobotix S16 Dual Flex – covers two areas at once (up to 3m)

Mobotix V16 Vandalism – bulletproof high risk camera

Mobotix M26 Allround – can use the full range  of premium lenses

Mobotix D26 Dome – shock resistant

Mobotix Q26 Hemisperhic – 360 degree view.  Can replace 4 cameras

Mobotix S26 Flex – discreet with only lens visible


Thermal cameras are also available. Connexis, West Midlands-based, is a leading supplier of Mobotix IP Security Cameras so we can provide you with advice or a quote for any requirement.  


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