Axis Panoramic Cameras

Axis Panoramic Cameras allow you to have coverage over a wide area with just one camera.  They are good for monitoring flow of people and to detect any incidents.

Axis has four series of Panormic Cameras:

  • Single Sensor Panoramic Cameras: a range of 5 cameras that are ideally suited for indoor monitoring of retail, schools, hotels and offices, and outdoor monitoring of hotels, petrol stations, stores, restaurants, schools and offices.
  • Multi Sensor Panoramic Cameras: A range of 3 cameras.  Multi-Sensors remove blind spots and deliver excellent image qualiity.  They are ideal for railway stations, airports, public squares, sports stadiums, university campuses and parking sites.  They are also perfect for perimeter surveillance around sensitive locations.
  • Multi-directional Panoramic Cameras: a range of 3 cameras that can monitor different directions simultaneously which makes them particulary well suited to the corners of buildings or road intersections.  One camera, the Q6000-E, is PTZ enabled which allows you to zoom in with a single click.




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