What we do

Connexis is a leading supplier of business communication solutions based in Telford in the West Midlands. We specialise in providing telecommunication, VoIP, connectivity and security solutions to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK. 

We keep up to date with new technologies so that we can act as your expert - helping you make sense of the different solutions and the technical jargon - and to assist in developing a bespoke solution that meets your needs. 

We've got extensive in-house technical expertise. This means you can trust us to recommend the best services for you and we can handle the installation and ongoing support.

Communication solutions

Revolutionise your communication solutions  

You can rely on us for: 

  • Impartial advice: We provide independent guidance and evaluation services to offer you a solution that perfectly suits your requirements. 
  • Bespoke integrations: Say farewell to one-size-fits-all solutions. We craft custom combinations that seamlessly integrate into your current business processes, whether that's other computer or telephony functions. 
  • Service provider choices: Take your pick from a range of service providers for competitively-priced systems and options best suited to your business size, sector and way of working. 
  • Optimal connectivity: We can offer advice on selecting the right business broadband and leased line connectivity products for your organisation and its location. We're particularly experienced in the Midlands, Powys and Cheshire areas 
  • Comprehensive setup solutions: From additional lines and extensions to network equipment, hardware, and software, we handle it all. Our team supplies, installs, and configures everything to enhance your communication infrastructure. 
  • Boosted productivity: Whether it's additional features like call recording, auto attendants, and music/advertising on hold to supercharge your team's efficiency - there are many ways we can help you support your employees with the tools they need to be productive.

Extensive support and product range

As a small, independent telecoms provider, customer service is a key differentiator for us compared to the larger corporate organisations. Our size and independence means we can offer:

  • Reliable assistance: Our on-call support team is dedicated to maintaining your systems, performing upgrades, and promptly addressing any technical queries that arise.
  • Diverse product range: Explore a wide selection of solutions from award-winning technology firms, all under one roof. 
  • Clear contracts: You can expect clear contracts from the outset so there's no hidden costs further down the line.
  • Technical expertise: We've prioritised technical training and expertise in our team. You're not just sold a product and lett to it - we're on hand to make sure your new system is installed with minimal disruption and up and running as soon as possible. 

With us as your trusted partner, you and your teams can work productively and securely, knowing that top-notch technical support is just a call away.

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