Strengthen your organisation's security with AuthPoint Total Identity Security

10th August 2023

In today's digital landscape, the integrity of your organisation's data and systems is paramount. A single compromised credential has the potential to cripple an entire organisation, making identity security the first line of defence against cyberattacks. 


Safeguarding your digital assets from unauthorised access has never been more critical, and that's where AuthPoint Total Identity Security from WatchGuard comes into play.


The significance of Identity Security


With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, traditional security measures are often inadequate. Protecting your organisation's sensitive information requires a multi-layered approach, and it all starts with ensuring that only authorised users can access your systems and applications.


Introducing AuthPoint Total Identity Security


AuthPoint Total Identity Security is a comprehensive solution designed to address the challenge of securing identities across your organisation. This all-in-one bundle combines three essential components:


AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): 


Deploy a powerful multi-factor authentication solution that not only enhances security but also offers the convenience of single sign-on (SSO). With strong time-based tokens sent to a mobile app, additional factors, and mobile phone DNA confirmation, AuthPoint MFA ensures that only legitimate users gain access.


Dark Web Credential Monitoring: 


Stay ahead of potential breaches by being notified when compromised credentials associated with monitored domains appear on the dark web. Prompt notifications are sent to administrators and users, allowing them to take immediate action and change their passwords, minimising potential risks.


Corporate Password Manager: 


Elevate your password management game with the Corporate Password Manager. This feature enhances password quality, reduces the need for frequent resets, and mitigates risks associated with shared or stolen passwords. Generate robust, complex passwords and enjoy the convenience of shared vaults and enforcement controls.


Empower your security strategy


By adopting AuthPoint Total Identity Security, you're not only fortifying your organisation against cyber threats but also bolstering your overall security position. This comprehensive bundle ensures that every aspect of identity security is covered, from user authentication to password management and dark web monitoring.

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