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7th July 2022

Article written by Joe Newton (Technical Manager at Connexis) for Shropshire Business Magazine.

Most of the time, when businesses upgrade their telephone system to new cloud telephony, they get the welcome message recorded by Bob from sales. Or worse, our engineers are brilliant techies, but not great as voice artists… I always cringe when I call a customer and I’m greeted by my own dulcet tones! 

When the brand vision was perfected, it is unlikely that you picked me to be the voice of your brand; well, you didn’t tell me if that was the case!

Your brand will have a logo, approved typefaces, a set of rules that ensure all your communications sit within your brand values, however at that first interaction with your company on the telephone, how are these standards portrayed? 

Callers to your business are going to hear many kinds of audio, greeting messages, auto attendant messages, on-hold music and out of hours messages.  The quality of these interactions directly affects how callers perceive your business - a professional organisation who strives to deliver the very best customer service, or a company who do not care about the details, the choice is yours.

When you put your customers on hold, what do they hear? High quality music with a professional voice-artist promoting your products?  Or the “ice cream” music that came preloaded onto the telephone system?  Or are you losing callers who hang up after being left waiting in silence, thinking that you have cut them off?  

You have a unique opportunity to communicate directly with the most important people in your business – your customers, so what do you want to say?

The bigger question is: If you could change the behaviour of your customers in one way to drive your business forward, what would it be?

Once you have this answer, this is the basis for what you should say in an on-hold production and where our audio partners Sound Marketing come in.

We have partnered with Sound Marketing for some time now, providing professionally scripted on-hold productions with music that matches our client’s businesses. Informing callers of seasonal events, products, promotions, or business changes.  They even proactively write messages, to ensure it’s an easy process. Not only can you retain callers but monetize the time callers spend on hold by promoting other services or offerings that the caller may be unaware of. 

So, if you have something to say to your customers or just want to sound professional, then let us take care of how your business sounds, with professionally voiced telephone audio.

Contact us today on 01952 528000 or

Joe Newton is Technical Director at Connexis, based in Telford
Sound Marketing is the audio partner for Connexis

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