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6th September 2022

Article written by Joe Newton (Technical Manager at Connexis) for Shropshire Business Magazine.

Wildix has been the leader in WebRTC technology for 7 years. It’s taken until now for the competition to catch up, but WebRTC is now commonplace in the Unified Communications market. So how to stay ahead of the competition? We are very excited to announce the imminent launch of the next evolution in customer communication: x-bees.

To be clear, Collaboration, the Wildix product that we know and love today, is not going anywhere. Collaboration will continue to be developed, and will still be the best solution for many of our customers. With the release of WMS 6, the newest version of the Wildix telephone system, new customers will be able to choose between two paths, Collaboration or x-bees.

Wildix’s web chat platform, Kite, is a fantastic tool for companies wanting to monetise visits to their website, or to be able to provide customer service without their customers having to pick up the phone. The downside to this, not just with Kite but pretty much any web chat tool, is the temporary nature of the conversation. If a customer closes their web browser the chat is over. OK, you could email your response, but your communication has then been downgraded from instant messages to just another email amongst all the others in the customer's inbox.  If the customer clears their browsing history they can no longer refer back to your conversation, if they re-engage with the chat they may get through to another agent. With x-bees you get persistent chat. This means that when they start a conversation with you, an account is created with their email address or mobile number; every time they then return to the chat they can speak to any of the agents they spoke to previously, you and they can both see your entire chat history, and they have the option to download a mobile app to get push notifications every time you send them a message. Normal web chat is fine for basic transactions and simple support enquiries, but persistent chat with x-bees allows for a much more advanced sales process for complex or high value products, and a much better customer service experience.

With the current version of Kite you can turn web chats into calls, video calls and screen sharing sessions; with x-bees you can do all of that, but also group chats, conference calls and video conferencing, allowing for a more collaborative experience.

Integrations with two of the most popular CRMs, Salesforce and Hubspot, brings your customer data right into the x-bees interface. Employees forgetting to update your CRM will be a thing of the past and every call, meeting and chat is logged. More CRMs will be supported soon.

There is also an integration with Google Calendar, with Office 365 coming very soon, to allow customers to view your availability and book a meeting with you at a mutually convenient time.

The final integration to talk about is the Revenue Intelligence platform Gong.io. With x-bees, all conversations are recorded and fed into Gong, which then transcribes them and allows you to search for keywords. This enables managers in your business to know what’s going on, how many sales calls result in a deal and how many customer service calls are complaints, without needing to listen to every call or sit in every meeting.

Both WMS 6 and x-bees are expected to be released in October.

Connexis is a Wildix Gold Partner. Contact us to find out more on 01952 528000.


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