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11th January 2023

Connexis are delighted to announce that 8x8 has joined our portfolio of Cloud Telephony and Unified Communications solutions.


8x8 is recognised as a leading Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report, and has been for 11 consecutive years. Gartner created this report to assist business leaders in selecting platforms that align with their needs. 8x8 is the only vendor to be included for both Unified Communications and Contact Centre.

“8x8 is delighted to be working in close partnership with Connexis to help accelerate their customers’ journey to the cloud,” said George Collins, 8x8's EMEA Regional Channel Director. “Connexis’ technical & support expertise combined with 8x8’s market leading XCaaS solution will deliver a seamless migration to a secure, reliable & future proof communication

8x8 focuses on making the employee and customer experience as efficient and effortless as possible. Their solution XCaaS, or experience Communication as a Service, delivers that and more.

Customer experience will always be a top priority for businesses; when your telephony and IT systems make your employees work harder than they need to, it can have a negative impact on the quality of customer service. The employee experience with 8x8 enables you to answer the phone from any device at any location, with all business communications carried out on one easy to use, intuitive platform.

8x8 XCaaS is an all-in-one solution for Telephony, Unified Communication and Contact Centre. Many solutions have barriers between these three different experiences; Contact Centre agents can’t easily communicate with back-office staff because they are essentially using two different systems. With 8x8, all your interactions are handled by one system. This also makes it easier for an informal call centre to grow into a full multi-channel contact centre, just by upgrading your users to a higher-level licence.

Virtually all of 8x8’s systems are developed in house, so there is no third party Contact Centre solution, and no disjointed mobile application; everything has the same look and feel and the same base feature set, you just enable the features that each employee requires.

8x8 is the leading UCaaS provider delivering Direct Routing as a Service and a certified contact centre for Microsoft Teams in the UK and globally. Most businesses use Teams to some degree, but its limited telephony functionality means that in most cases another solution is required. This makes 8x8 perfectly placed to meet this requirement.

William Rowland, Managing Director, said “Joe (Technical Director) and I regularly review our portfolio and we recently concluded that we needed an additional vendor for cloud telephony. We were particularly impressed with the 8x8 Microsoft Teams integration capability. 8x8 alongside Wildix, Avaya, and Gamma Horizon provides us with a very strong Cloud Telephony portfolio and enables us to reach the strong growth plans we have for 2023 and beyond”.

The employee experience with 8x8 enables you to answer the phone from any device at any location

As of January 2023, Connexis is fully certified to design, build, and support 8x8 solutions. For a no obligation 8x8 demonstration, call 01952 528000 or email sales@connexis.co.uk

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