Benefits of Video Monitoring

High Resolution = More detail, lower cost

The primary advantage of using high-resolution Mobotix cameras is that the stored images are more revealing and provide stronger evidence than other formats (Recording approximately 12 times more detail than 95% of existing analogue systems).

A single digital camera can offer four times the amount of coverage of a standard camera, meaning fewer cameras are needed, reducing the amount of cabling required, backup power, storage, etc, and thus further reducing the costs of the systems substantially.   


Due to the inexpensive cost of the technology, and thanks to the unlimited scalability and high performance of the equipment, the variety of organisations adopting the format is particularly wide ranging from small businesses and private premises to football stadiums and airports.  

Robust reliability

The absence of fans, heating or moving parts is a key element in the high reliability of these systems. Housed in fibreglass-reinforced casings the equipment has an unusually wide operating range, -30 to +60 degrees centigrade, and over 100,000 have been installed worldwide, including installations in the desert and arctic conditions.

Key features

  • Inexpensive equipment including long term storage
  • True colour megapixel technology with pan and zoom functionality
  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Video and audio surveillance
  • Event or time controlled recording (movement or audio triggered)
  • Automatic alarm and event notification via the internet or a mobile phone
  • Low power consumption

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