Whittingham Riddell


The phone system  at Whittingham Riddell Chartered Accountants, was 14 years old and no longer delivering the performance needed.  It was also no longer compatible with the IT infrastructure.


Connexis provided an on-premise phone system using the same phones in the Wrexham, Newtown and Ludlow branches and 136 new Avaya IP phones in Shrewsbury. The solution was provided with a managed SIP Trunk call manager which provided redundancy for business continuation and recovery. Avaya’s control unit was upgraded to provide the latest feature set which allowed for it to be integrated with existing licensing but with potential to increase functionality.


Whittingham Riddell now have a phone system that is future proofed for current and future IT infrastructure. In future, only licence upgrades are needed which is a big cost benefit. 240 users across 4 sites are now connected 

Mike Moore, IT Manager “Connexis took the time to really understand what we trying to achieve and have delivered a solution that is fit for the future

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