Tanners Wine Merchants

An award-winning independent wine merchant based in Shrewsbury.

Established in 1842, Tanners is all about great service delivered by a friendly and knowledgeable team. Tanners has won countless national awards and accolades, recognising the firm as one of the best wine merchants in the UK.


Tanners Wine Merchants were looking to replace their Panasonic telephone system, following Panasonic’s announcement that they are withdrawing from the telephony market, and in preparation for the switch-off of ISDN and PSTN services in the UK in 2025.


Connexis looked at a variety of platforms, including both on-premise and cloud, and made the decision to move to Wildix, the primary Cloud Telephony offering from Connexis. Wildix is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and so provides a very reliable foundation for Tanners’ communication needs.

As well as Shrewsbury, Tanners also has sites in Bridgnorth, Hereford, Chester, Llandudno Junction and Welshpool. Previously these sites each had their own telephone system, or in some cases a single telephone line. Wildix allows for all of the sites to be integrated into one cohesive system, providing internal calling and transfer, overflow of calls between branches, and enabling staff to work any branch, as well as from home and elsewhere.


Tanners experienced minimum disruption when migrating to Wildix. Connexis installed the new phones and Wildix software alongside the existing Panasonic phones, ported the numbers from one system to the other, and then removed and recycled the old phones.


“As a business, I felt that Connexis’ approach to customer service was very much aligned to our own high standards. Through this project, we have been able to unify communications across sites and to enable our staff to work remotely. We have also realised real-world savings compared to our previous telephony arrangements” James Tanner, Chairman and Managing Director of Tanners Wines



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