WiFi is something that every customer expects, so making it work for you – enabling you to understand your customers better, and sell more to them – is invaluable.  Connexis, leading business Communication experts in the West Midlands, can supply you with SO WIFI solutions.  SO WIFI is ideal for retail, small businesses, hospitality, airports, taxis, sport venues and visitor attractions. It can work on your existing access point hardware or on SO WIFI’s.

SO WIFI delivers a marketing platform that allows you to engage with your customers by:

  • Enabling you to advertise on and off-line
  • Enabling you to conduct highly relevant market research when people log in
  • Building your online presence – people like and follow in return for free Wi-Fi
  • Gathering personal information by consent – including age, gender, email, address and location
  • Incentivising customers to purchase with highly individual offers
  • Encouraging customers to leave trip advisor reviews

If you would like information or a quote for SO WIFI contact Connexis now on 01952 528000.


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