Wildix joins the Connexis service portfolio

25th April 2021

Connexis are delighted to announce the latest addition to our Unified Communications portfolio, Wildix. 

Article written by Joe Newton (Technical Manager at Connexis) for Shropshire Business Magazine.


“Wildix UK are very much looking forward to achieving great results in this partnership. I am confident that our cooperation will have a positive impact on both organisations.” - Steve Yates, Wildix channel manager


Founded in 2005, and brought to the UK in 2017

Wildix are the industry leaders in WebRTC (web real-time communications), allowing users to make audio and video calls, and use other real-time communications methods to transfer information without installing any software. 

There are now over 1,376,500 users (December 2020) on the Wildix platform across 135 countries. In 2021 almost every new telephony platform supports WebRTC to some extent, however very few implement it to its full potential. You may be able to use your PC’s Web browser on a particular platform but not your mobile browser; you may be able to use its basic features with WebRTC, but need to install an application to access more advanced functions. 

Use on web browsers

With Wildix, all video conferencing features are available from almost any modern web browser on almost any operating system with no app required. Of course, there is also a mobile app available for this if you prefer, as well as providing integration with your mobile OS for incoming calls and push notifications etc. 

Wildix on your desktop runs entirely from a web browser, so no need to worry about compatibility; it will work on Windows, it will work on a Mac, it will work on Linux, it will work on a Chromebook. 


The true innovation from Wildix is WebRTC Kite. Large organisations, with expensive contact centre software, are able to offer web chat as an alternative method to contact them, often providing a better experience than a traditional telephone call.


For most small and medium-sized businesses, however, this technology is way out of their budget. WebRTC Kite removes this barrier by providing integration between your website and the Wildix chat functionality. You could even give customers the option to start a chat with you from your email signature. 

Generate more business from your website

WebRTC Kite also allows you to bring your Wildix presence to your website, so if a customer clicks on your contact details on your website they can see before they call whether you are available, on the phone, in a meeting or on do not disturb. 

Combine this with proprietary handsets, providing better integration with the underlying platform than most cloud providers, who tend to use third party devices, and the award-winning* Wizyconf video conference solution and Wildix becomes a very compelling proposition. 

All IT environments are covered

Wildix is available in three variants: On-premise, Private Cloud and Public Cloud, making it suitable for all IT environments. The pricing and functionality are the same, making the “on-prem vs cloud” debate a thing of the past. You can even have a hybrid solution, where an on-premise system is available in the unlikely event of a cloud outage, or equip it with an analogue, ISDN or GSM gateway to provide continuous service if your Internet connection goes down. 

Connexis are a Wildix Gold Partner as of January 1st 2021. 


Wildex Gold Partner


To find out more, or for a demo, please call 01952 528000 or emailsales@connexis.co.uk.

*Wildix won “Best SME Telephony System” at the Comms National Awards 2020, and Wizyconf was “Highly Commended” for the “Best End Point or Device”.




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