What is 5G and can I get it?

16th October 2018

5G is the latest mobile technology which promises to revolutionise mobile data use. Providing you can get reception. Not always possible if you are in a location like Shropshire.

If you can get it you will be in for a treat.  4G downloads speeds are potentially (though rarely) up to 50 Mbps.  5G speeds can be 100 times this speed, so even if real time speeds are lower you will have access to faster download speeds than most broadband or leased line solutions available now. 

5G will boost throughput speeds, latency (the time you wait for something to start)  and traffic capacity. According to 5G.co.uk this will hugely boost capabilities of technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality, 3D video calls and holographic video.  Other technologies expected to get a boost from 5G are driverless cars, live streaming, health monitoring and many more.  It will make a huge difference to your mobile experience.

There is a catch. You will need a new phone. There are currently no 5G phones on the market but by 2019 there should be a good choice, though in reality, according to Wired, 5G services are unlikely to be available by then so you may well have to wait until 2020 or beyond for full benefit of the new technology.  The West Midlands will be one of the first regions to have the technology as it has been selected to trial 5G.

Fortunately for now, and for anyone who is unable to get 5G when it launches, Shropshire Business Mobile supplier  Connexis can provide you with current business mobile solutions and business internet connectivity.  And when the time comes 5G services will be on offer too.

If you’d like to be kept informed of developments, or more information on our current telecommunications and internet services please fill in a contact form.

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