Video Monitoring

1st January 2018

A revolution in CCTV technology

In 1999 the first external digital ‘web cam’ was unveiled to the world, heralding the most dramatic change in video surveillance for over 60 years. For the first time, video streams could be broadcast over computer networks, finally escaping the restrictions of the ‘high cost, low quality’ TV standards of traditionally closed circuit television recordings.

At the forefront of this technology has been a company called ‘Mobotix’, whose cutting edge equipment is capable of not only storing smooth, colour, high resolution video streams (960 lines compared to the usual 288), but incorporates sound recording, pan and zoom functionality and a range of other ‘interactive’ features.  

Crucially, this new technology doesn't just provide a dramatic improvement in image quality but offers significant savings on conventional equipment, and a host of additional functions thanks its ability to integrate into a computer network.

Click here for a detailed breakdown of the primary benefits of video monitoring.

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