Valentine's exam success

19th February 2020

Our Technical Manager, Joe Newton, passed the WatchGuard AuthPoint exam on Friday 14th February.  Joe said, "It wasn't the most romantic thing to do on Valentine's day but an important one.  Although I sat the exam in the office, it is observed by WatchGuard and you need to demonstrate that you cannot access any help during the exam".

Joe's success will allow Connexis to become Silver Partners - a step towards our goal of becoming Gold partners.  Joe added, "It was quite challenging but we see Multi-Factor Authentication as something all businesses should have so it is essential we have the technical knowledge in-house".

Managing Director William Rowland said, "WatchGuard solutions are a recent addition for us, but we are very impressed by their suitability for our customers, and AuthPoint in particular is something we are looking forward to showcasing. Getting to Silver, and soon we hope Gold, allows us to demonstrate knowledge and be competitive".

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