The ‘Analogy’ of Firewalls…part two

28th November 2019

If you are technical then this isn’t the blog for you, but if your role covers IT and / or Telecoms and you are not technical this is a light hearted look at analogies applied to firewall solutions  to demonstrate just why those provided by WatchGuard (we are a WatchGuard partner) provides much more layers of security than a basic firewall and are a good fit for your business. 

This the second of two blogs. In this one we look how firewalls have developed their security solution as demonstrated by WatchGuard’s Total Security Subscription.  

Total Security Features

  • APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) Blocker

The APT Blocker service works by using a virtual sandbox.  Using a postal service analogy, which will be familiar to you if you have read part one, there is a bomb proof bunker which all post that can’t be fully inspected is sent straight into the bunker where it is inspected before being rejected or being allowed to enter the postal system.

As WatchGuard describes it, APT Blocker is an award-winning sandbox which detects and stops the most advanced attacks, including zero-day attacks, ransomware and other malware designed to evade traditional defences.

  •  Threat Detection and Response

You have a store with an alarm and CCTV system.   Data from your CCTV feed and from the alarm company, with region wide threat information, assesses your risk.   If anyone tries to break in, you get notified through an app immediately, and the alarm company notifies the police.  If they gain entry you can remotely activate shutters on the store front and back doors trapping the criminal

This analogy is a little shaky, but it gives you a reasonable idea.  In a technical sense Threat Detection and Response collects security data from your WatchGuard firewall (the alarm company) and a WatchGuard Host Sensor (your CCTV feed and alarm sensors).  The data is correlated by enterprise grade threat intelligence to detect and enable immediate action against malware attacks based on threat levels.

  •  Data Loss Prevention

Returning to the postal service analogy, the postal service technology inspects all post being put into the system and if it detects anything that shouldn’t be there it prevents it from entering.

Or in a technical sense, Data Loss Prevention prevents data breaches and enforces compliance by scanning files and texts to detect when someone is deliberately or accidently transferring sensitive data via email, web or FTP.

  •  Intelligent AV

In part one we asked you to think of the best night club you have been to.  For IntelligentAV the night club is now in far the future and there is no longer a person on the door but an artificial intelligence (AI).  The AI assesses all risk data and analyses it statistically to prevent risks entering the club.

WatchGuard details Intelligent AV as relying on artificial intelligence rather than signatures to automate malware detection. It classifies current and future malware in seconds through deep statistical analysis.

  •  Access Portal

Access Portal is like your local library, a place where you can go to access non-owned services in a secure and safe environment.  You can get a view of all books and services you are using.

Arguably an analogy that is a little flaky, but I think it gives you the right idea.   In technical terms the Access Portal provides you with a central location to access Cloud-hosted applications, and secure, clientless access to internal resources with RDP and SSH.

  • DNS Watch

DNS or the Domain Name System is akin to your phone contact list which matches your contacts with their phone numbers and email address.DNS Watch is rather like your phone continually checking contacts, numbers and emails to check they are safe.

Web addresses are instead hosted in domain name servers around the world. Criminals target DNS for malicious reasons, for example, to dupe people into transferring private data. DNS Watch detects and blocks malicious DNS requests.

  • Dimension Command

Imagine you are in a traffic command centre, and rather than logging into the controls to look at an audit you can now see every route you command on a visual dashboard (Dimension) in front of you. In addition, you can now make changes there and then on the dashboard (Dimension Command).

Or as WatchGuard describes it, Dimension Command allows you to take immediate action  to block potential and active network threats identified using the visibility provided by Dimension.

Connexis is a WatchGuard platinum partner and can talk to you about the benefits in technical or in lay speak.  Give us a call on 01952 52800. 

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