Student Work Placements at Connexis

18th September 2019

Schools no longer have a statuary requirement to organise placements, but many still do as they recognise the value it gives to their students.  This summer Connexis had 3 students from Burton Borough School in Newport – a school that still does find placements.  Lisa Kane, Head of Professional Studies, told us “we put a lot of effort to ensure our students go through application and interview processes and engage in employability workshops within school time”.

Connexis is always delighted to accommodate students (aged 15-16)  looking for a work placement.  We understand the value to be gained with a well-structured placement.

Amanda Stevens, Office Manager, said “when students come to Connexis we have a specific list of work planned which will include different aspects of administration along with some opportunity for technical work.  Our aim is to give students an insight to the world of work in a small business like ours”. 

Lisa Kane added “We are extremely grateful to businesses who provide placements and recognise nominated students and businesses in our annual work experience awards night.”

Why should you consider a work placement for your child?

  1. It gives them a useful experience, and will quite possibly be their first experience of work
  2. They learn about employer expectations in the workplace
  3. It gives them something for them to put into their CV
  4. A good placement will result in a good reference
  5. It will help them decide whether a business / sector is of interest to them or not, and what they may need to study.

It can be a struggle finding places for your child to gain work experience.  If your child is looking for a placement in Telford / Shropshire and has an interest in technology, give us a call.  We may well be able to cater for them.


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