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18th March 2020

These are uncertain times and many of us will face uncertain futures until some sense of normality returns.  We certainly hope you and your loved one are able to stay safe while coronavirus remains a threat.

The Government has, in one of its recent updates, encouraged people to be socially distant.  One way this can be done and maintain productivity is by working remotely where possible.

So, here are 8 tips of things you can do to make working from home as painless as possible.  There are technical and security things to consider, as well as practical.  Various links to advice and resources for individuals and business are also given.


  1. Video

Management meetings, events and sales meetings are just some of the business activities being seriously disrupted.Where at all possible these can be moved to video conferencing and meetings and live or recorded webinars so that business can continue. Free solutions like Jitsi Meet or Zoom are available.

  1. Number routing

A unified communication or VoIP solution allows you to set up calls directly to a mobile or home number while from the customers point of view it remains a business link.


  1. Secure wi-fi

Working from home can introduce a weak point for a company’s network. Making a home network secure - protected by a secure firewall such as the WatchGuard T10 -  reduces that risk.

  1. MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for sign on

It is good practice to reduce the risk of weak passwords to a company network or software.  MFA removes the risk.


  1. Avoid distractions. 

It’s easy to avoid work when there many distractions at home.Have a dedicated quiet place to work and use lists and clear deadlines to ensure your tasks get done.

  1. Stay connected. 

Working from home after years of being in an office can give you a sense of loss.  The secure communication methods and collaborative tools (i.e. Slack) can help you remain connected to colleagues and to maintain productiveness.

  1. Dress for work

While you don’t need to be at your smartest you do want to avoid the video being an embarrassment

  1. Don’t worry…

…about dogs barking or kids crying.It’s bound to happens so just put people at ease about it.

If you need help setting up securely or using collobaration tools at home we are offering free 30 minute techncial advice and support to anyone needing it.  Just call 01952 528000 to book your slot.

Suppliers are doing things to help too.  WatchGuard is currently offering 60 days of free AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication for up to 250 users, and Avaya is offering work from anywhre contact centre solutions. 

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