Remote Working Productively and Securely

4th January 2021

In our March 2020 blog we gave some general tips for successfully working at home.  Now lockdown has been eased, some employees will return to work so here we look at the solutions needed to be as productive and as secure at home as in the office.  Some companies may well decide to follow Twitter’s example of making home working a permanent practice for all, or have a significant number home working permanently, allowing for a reduction in office costs, or just have some employees remaining home working temporarily due to the difficulties of maintaining 2 metre distances between workers.

Many workers may have had frustrations with systems that weren’t set up for permanent home or remote working. 

This could be due to internet connectivity or unsuitable collaboration tools.  For the best home working conditions everyone should have something like the following:

  1.  Good internet connectivity.  How good will depend on the business need.  If critical a leased line might be warranted, but for most having a decent FTTC Broadband connection will suffice.    Connexis can quote and supply you for all your internet connectivity needs.
  1. A work orientated phone.  A standard home phone will almost certainly inhibit your ability to work as efficiently from home as you did from the office.  A telephony solution that has secure SIP connections – like the J100 series from Avaya – links you to a full unified communication experience.
  1. Unified Communications.  With a solution like Avaya IX Workplace you can have a secure softphone app on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.  A customer calls your work number and the call comes through to your softphone.
  1. Collaboration tools.  Many companies have used meeting solutions offered by the likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  With Avaya IX Workplace you also have full access to Avaya IX Spaces.  You can invite team members to a meeting and Spaces can be assigned per project with tasks marked as completed enabling you to keep abreast of progress. Direct messaging, the sharing of files and easy seamless integration into existing solutions like Salesforce, Office 365, G-Suite and Slack.
  1. Security.   The home office has a potential weakness to your company’s network.  With a company like WatchGuard you can have all the security protection you need:  A pre-configured WI-FI solution, VPN support for all remote working needs; and with its Passport Service user authentication (AuthPoint) and web protection (DNSWatchGo). 

Connexis is an Avaya and WatchGuard partner, so along with our internet connectivity offering we can ensure you are set up at home so that you can be as productive and as secure as you were at the office. 

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