How to manage phone calls over Christmas and New Year

11th December 2018

This time of year can be a challenge for organisations.  How do you cover the phones at a time when everyone wants time off to be with their families? 

We look at 5 options… 

  1. It may be possible to close for the festive period.  Nothing is critical, your closure is well publicised and your customers know when you are available, and your prospects know what to do.

  1. No one is in the office but you are contactable for emergency service calls, not for sales or admin.  Only possible if you have a seamless unified phone solution where office numbers are called and answered by someone on a mobile who is on call.

  1. No-one is in the office but sales calls and service calls being taken. Are your suppliers open? When are their last order times? There is little point in being open for sales if orders cannot be fulfilled. 

  1. You have your phones covered by an agency.  This can enable calls to be filtered so that only calls that have to be dealt with are put through. All others sent as email or text messages to be followed up after the break.  Are you comfortable that an agency will represent you as well as you would yourselves?

  1. Have backups.  If you are working on Christmas Day, or another public holiday, it is unlikely you will be able to get any service help.  If your internet and phones go down and the work you do is critical then having back up – 4G internet and business mobiles for example, will ensure your work can continue. 


The common thread is flexibility and the ability to take calls seamlessly wherever you are should you need to.  A full unified communications phone system will enable you to meet these challenges.  Connexis are unified communication VoIP experts based in Telford and we can ensure you have a phone system that meets the challenges faced by your organisation, whatever the time of year.  

For the 2018 / 2019 festive season, Connexis sales and admin is closed from the 24th December through to January 2nd.  Support is available on all working hours throughout, but no install or Short Order work is carried out unless there is exceptional need between the 21st December and the 2nd January.  Emergency out of hours cover is provided.

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