Here are 5 reasons to switch to VoIP

15th March 2019

If you are still operating a traditional phone system, there are sound business reasons to consider a switch to a VoIP service.   Now is also a good time, with ISDN services being turned off in 2025, and with traditional Phone systems being expensive.  VoIP differs from a traditional system by transmitting calls over the internet.

Here are 5 reasons to switch to VoIP

  1. Lower costs

With a VoIP solution many organisations will be able to use existing internet infrastructure and in most cases UK call costs are inclusive.If you have multiple sites all internal calls between them are free.

  1. Less Suppliers

With VoIP operating over the internet you can cut out your landline supplier.

  1. Converged technology

As VoIP and computer applications are on shared infrastructure a VoIP solution allow you to add wide range of applications to enhance your productivity as well as cutting costs.

  1. Flexibility

You can easily scale up or down as your business needs change which means you only need pay for the service you are getting.If you have enough bandwidth you could add many hundreds of users compared to the limits placed on a traditional phone system.

  1. Features

VoIP comes with an extensive range of features including things like call waiting and forwarding, caller ID, voicemail and three-way calling.You can engage in video conversations with colleagues and clients wherever they are in the world, and exchange documents and files at the same time.

Things to consider before the leap to VoIP.

Do you have reliable fast internet connectivity?   If you don’t call quality will be affected, and if it fails you have no phone provision.  Fast internet is essential.  Ideally, you’d have two lines, a leased line for data, and a broadband line for back up and VoIP.   

If your business is in a mobile dead zone, then VoIP may be a risky choice.  A power cut would leave you with no ability to carry on business or contact emergency services.

If you would like Connexis to give you an expert review of your current solution and the VoIP options available to you give us a call now on 01952 528 000

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