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1st January 2018

The convergence of voice and data communications

The rapid increase in businesses adopting information technologies to manage and monitor their commercial activities has inevitably led to the creation of large volumes of electronic data. The ability to store, manage, extract and transmit the details of this information both internally and externally is becoming a vital part of the trading strategy for all companies.

Typically the types of electronic data being stored and exchanged have been generated by traditional office software tools and programs, and have covered a whole range of files and format types. However, more recently this has also started to include voice and communication data such as: Voicemail, video and sound transmissions, emails, faxes, and other telecom data.

This ‘convergence’ of voice and data technologies has led to increasing numbers of businesses integrating their telecom and IT infrastructures in order to take advantage of highly effective productivity tools that can afford much greater control over the managing and monitoring of business information and communication.

The growth of electronic commerce for instance means that more businesses are now conducting transactions or information exchanges online, which in turn has driven the demand for further network systems to be integrated into the workplace. The variety of these data exchange systems can be bewildering, with local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), the Internet, intranets and other data communication systems all vying for attention. These systems can range in scope from simply distributing information between two terminals in the same office, to swapping commercially sensitive voice and data information over a globally distributed network.

Critically, the level of sophisticated technical knowledge required to implement these types of interconnected networks has generally evolved beyond the technical capabilities of nearly all but specialist telecommunications and data technicians. A good contractor will therefore not only design the voice and data communication system but can supervise the installation and configuration and provide long-term maintenance and technical support to clients.

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