Connexis Coraclers

9th October 2018

Telford VoIP specialists Connexis took to the River Severn for the 2018 World Coracle Championships. The Championships take place in Shrewsbury, and was started by Richard Bayliss in 2007.  Since then the event has raised more than £200,000 for Macmillan.  

Coracles are designed for rivers – with flat bottoms. This makes them difficult to stay in, and this year proved no exception with a lot of people ending up in the River Severn.  The Connexis team; William Rowland, Jack Leivesley, Amanda Stevens and Jack Wilson; all stayed dry, and a standout performance from William Rowland who got the team from 3rd to heat winners, ensured their place in the Semifinals.  He tried to repeat the trick in the Semifinals but it wasn’t to be.

A great time was had by everyone despite the wet weather.  The winners were Macmillan Masonry and an amazing £37,000 + was raised for Macmillan

More information on the Macmillan World Coracle Championships can be found here… See you in 2019?

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