Christmas is coming…

11th December 2019

Firstly we wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Secondly…6 things to think about when it comes to phones and Christmas…

  1. Beware of phone scams.  Staff numbers are often lower up to and over Christmas and that is the perfect time for scammers to have a go.   You will be keen to make a sale, but don’t neglect processes. 
  1. Suppliers often take a break at Christmas, and with a large company it may be a challenge to get a quick response. With something like broadband, you may well have some wait.  For anything essential make provisions – so, for example, with broadband that could be setting up a 4G router as backup.
  1. Know who to call in the case of an emergency.  At Connexis we operate an emergency call out service during the Christmas and New Year period.  Customers need to have our number to hand.
  1. Modern VoIP or SIP enabled Business phone systems now enable you to easily work from anywhere with call divert or with a mobile app, so do you need to have employees on site?  Also, if there is an emergency you need to deal with, it's easy to log into the phone system on your mobile phone – no need to go into the office.
  1. Do your customers know your Christmas and New Year opening times?  Hold messaging can be updated with details, an email sent out, and they can be published online.

Lastly, if  you have a Christmas Tree and Lights up in the office, it could affect your Wi-Fi!   Merry Christmas from all us at Connexis.

Connexis is closed between midday on the 24th December until Thursday 2nd January.  We have engineers on emergency call out during this time.  




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