Business Phone etiquette

3rd December 2018

Business Phone Etiquette

As Telecommunication experts, Connexis Limited can ensure you have the very best phone system for your budget and needs.  What we can’t do is influence what’s done with the phones when you have them. Business phone etiquette is also very important.

How often have you called a company, only to be put off when you speak to someone on the phone.  Their lack of enthusiasm radiates back down the phone line – virtual or physical.   Has this ever been the case in your business?  Or do you have your own stories of appalling phone etiquette?  Do let us know…

When you have invested significant sums in a new phone system or just in marketing and sales it is deeply depressing to have opportunities lost because of poor phone etiquette.

Connexis’s top 9 phone etiquette tips are:

  1. Answer the phone quickly.  Ideally within 3 rings.  Being kept waiting annoys everyone.
  2. Answer the phone smiling.  A smile travels.  Have you ever read A Smile is Infectious? It’s powerful, and true.  Try it.  It has an equally positive effect on a call.  A smile makes you feel positive, changes the tone of your voice, and is picked up by your customers.
  3. Always clearly give your name and the name of the business along with a warm welcome.  For example, “Good afternoon, Connexis Limited, William speaking. How can I help you?
  4. Remember to speak clearly, and not too quickly.  The person calling may well not be familiar with your voice and may take time to tune in to you.
  5. Sit up straight or stand.  This will help your voice project a good strong tone.  Listen to a recording of yourself speaking.  Ask yourself if this how you would like to be spoken to.
  6. If you need to pass the call onto a colleague, don’t just put the call on hold but explain what you are going to do.  Connecting is more positive than transferring so think about language.
  7. Limit any background noise (for example a radio, or the rustling of sweet wrappers).
  8. For when you are unable to take a phone call, ensure you have a clear answering message on your desk phone and your mobile so that the caller knows they have reached the right person and know about their next step.
  9. If you are leaving a message, ensure that you repeat your name and contact number at the end of the message. 

A modern VoIP Communications system is designed to enable efficient connected work environments, wherever someone might be.  However, any system will fail to live up to its promise if people don’t have good phone etiquette or manners.  Contact us with your stories of poor phone experiences, or if you would like more information on a unified communications solution.

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