7 Things to Think about for your New Business Mobile Contracts

25th September 2019

If you are responsible for organising business mobile contracts, you may find it a bit of a minefield with so much to consider: term, provider, data, Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), Equipment (or Tech) Funds… Here consider 7 things for you to think about...…

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a good start...

  1. How good is coverage in your locations?  There is little point in going for the best deal only to find out the chosen provider has no reception.  Connexis will supply you with a SIM card from providers so that you can be sure you are choosing the right network.
  1. What’s planned by the networks in your location over the next few years?  Maybe you want to take advantage of a new technology like 5G, but it is entirely possible that providers will adopt changes at a time that suits them.
  1. Have clear detail on user needs, for example - data roaming and usage of your exiting contract versus actual usage.  This will help you and your service provider acquire the most suitable deal for you.
  1. Beware of increasing data usage.  If the past is anything to go on, our use of data will increase every year.  Any contract should have flexibility to add or remove data according to need.
  1. Do you allow BYOD? Your policy on BYOD will impact your business mobile contract needs?  If you have a high level of BYOD perhaps a SIM only deal would appeal as this gives you the scope to bring BYOD under full corporate control.  BYOD may seem a cheaper option but may increase your IT support costs.
  1. Make sure you understand your IT needs, to ensure your mobile contract is fit for purpose.
  1. Equipment Funds  – with increasing device costs this is arguably no longer necessary.  If you’ve always had contracts with an Equipment Fund, talk to your supplier about alternative options.  It may no longer be the most suitable option for you.

Connexis is a telecommunications company in Telford, West Midlands that can supply you with business mobile solutions from EE, Vodafone, o2, and Three.  If you'd like advice or a quote please do give us a call. 

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