6 reasons to upgrade your business phone system

29th February 2020

When was your work PC last upgraded, or when did you last upgrade your mobile phone? At a guess 5 years maximum for the PC and 2 for the mobile.

Yet, if you were to tell us when your company’s phone system was updated the answer may well be 10, even 20 years.

Technology has advanced as quickly within business telephone systems as within other technologies yet for many businesses, there is a reluctance to move away from a phone solution ‘that just works’.

If you work in an organisation like this, own one, or have responsibilities for technology, here are 6 reasons why you should upgrade.

1.    Cost.

By switching to a VoIP or UCaaS phone system you could take advantage of significant savings on call charges and line rental. Many providers now offer inclusive calls to UK local, national and mobile numbers with SIP trunk packages.

2.    Efficiency.

Everyday tasks take time. On a traditional phone system, you may need to look up and physically dial the number.  A Unified Communications phone system can integrate with your CRM system and Outlook to enable features such as click to dial and calendar synchronisation.

3.    Features

Unified Communication phone systems, unsurprisingly, have many new features. For example, instant messaging, video conferencing, soft-phones and integration with business applications.  If adopting Unified Communications / Unified Communications as a Service you can access a large range of communication applications. 

4.    Scalability

Newer business phone systems allow for greater flexibility, giving you the ability to scale up or down to suit your business needs as it grows and develops.

5.    Connecting

With more employees working remotely now than ever before, a Unified Communications phone system gives you the ability to connect seamlessly with your colleagues and customers from any location.

6.    Fast internet

To get the best from a modern business phone system you need fast internet connectivity. A fast, reliable connection ensures voice quality will not be affected. It would also enable you to add security features like IP cameras and opens up additional hosting services.

Connexis is a long-standing Avaya Partner, and if you are considering a hybrid or cloud solution we can introduce you to their new Cloud Office Solution in partnership with Ringcentral.  Call us on 01952 528000 for more information. 


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