5 reasons why you should use call recording

21st January 2019

Some of your employees may feel unhappy about having calls recorded but there are sound business reasons for doing so.  Once only the biggest businesses could justify the cost but now with many VoIP solutions (at Connexis we offer Oak Innovation call recording with our VoIP solutions), it is now affordable for small and medium businesses


  1.  Staff performance

Recording calls allows staff performance to be monitored and ensure customers are receiving prompt and quality service


  1. Dispute resolution and legal protection

Call recording can protect a member of staff and the business against an unfounded complaint as well as ensure a dispute is quickly resolved.


  1. Training

Being able to hear yourself is an excellent insight into your telephone technique and call recording helps to identify training needs to improve performance.


  1.  Compliance

All calls where money is transacted must be recorded but credit card details should not so you need to take steps to deal with this – either tag such calls and then override the card details or use a keypad solution. GDPR may allow for a call to have to be deleted.


  1. Order Verification

There are times when mistakes are made, and call recording allows you to review orders made by phone.


If you would like more information on the benefits to be had from call recording, or any other VoIP phone features available do give us a call on 01952 528000.  Connexis are Telford-based VoIP experts with more than 20 years telecommunications experience.

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