5 Reasons to use Multi-Factor Authentication

23rd August 2019

You may well have locked down your network to be as secure as possible with AV, firewalls, vulnerability audits or even penetration testing – you name it, you have it.  But the security circle remains vulnerable if you haven’t got multi-factor authentication in place and all steps taken to protect your network could prove futile.  Can you afford not to have it,

Year after year the most widely used password list has the same passwords on it.  Your users are your weakest link.  They won’t intentionally put your network at risk, but weak and reused passwords will.  Big business gets all the headlines but it’s not just big business that’s at risk.

These are 5 reasons why you should adopt multi-factor authentication.

  1. Password theft is big business.  Threats evolve quickly as hackers try and hook their victims with increasingly convincing methods.
  1. Weak or stolen password accounted for 81% of all data breeches according to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report (Source: WatchGuard).
  1. SME’s accounted for 58% of all breeches according to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Report (Source: Entrepreneur.com).
  1. Remembering lots of passwords is always challenging.  MFA allows you to remove user error as a potential risk.
  1. Your users are already familiar with MFA through personal banking and an increasing number of other providers, including social media companies and it is a simple solution to set up.  There are no excuses.

Access to business-critical data should be protected with multi-factor Authentication.   Telford-based Connexis Limited  is a WatchGuard AuthPoint partner so if would like a quote for a multi-factor solution that completes the security circle call us on 01952 528000 now.

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