5 Reasons business needs IP CCTV

16th November 2018

Business is increasingly aware of the need to be secure when it comes to data but there is also a compelling case for CCTV acting as a deterrent and providing evidence should you need it.


IP (internet Protocol) CCTV is provided by digital camera that’s connected to your network.  There are key advantages to adopting an IP CCTV solution.

  1. Easy to monitor

Whether its you or a key member of staff monitoring is easily done from wherever you are and can be done via a mobile app

  1. Quality Images

Traditional analogue CCTV systems would struggle to zoom in and give you a crystal-clear image. Modern IP cameras can allow you to zoom in an retain full clarity.

  1. Wider Field of View

Most IP cameras have a significantly wider field of view which means you need less cameras to get the same coverage

  1. Less cabling

As IP cameras are POE enabled so additional power cabling not required.

  1. Analytics

With IP Camera’s it is simple to set up things to be looked for – the camera being tampered with for example.This means than rather have someone reviewing hours of footage you can just review a logged action.

Connexis, Telford based IP experts, supplies and fits Mobotix Cameras. Mobotix cameras have full recording capability built in and exceptional field of views, so are an excellent high-quality value solution.  Internal storage ensures you can rely on the camera even if the network goes down. Contact us now for information and or a quote

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